Monday, July 15, 2013

Welcome to My Blog

Hello world,

I started writing online in the beginning of 2013, I wrote for Squidoo, a site that does not exist anymore.

When Squidoo showed the first signs of problems I opened an account with Bubblews.
This was the month of May 2013, the site was easy to use and if you took the time to work several hours and writing good posts you could easily make more than 350 $ a month.

Unfortunately even Bubblews closed the site, no one really knows the reasons, so I will not discuss what went wrong.

Now you can find me on myLot, if you want to read some of my posts, you can find the links on the following page.

My Discussions on myLOT


  1. Nice to find you on here Anna.
    Have a great day! Hugs

  2. Good evening Lady Duck (or Anna? if I may),
    I am Goodguy9 from Bubblews.
    Sorry to hear about your Squidoo misadventure. With your calibre, perhaps you may like to join us in Hubpages. I have been with Hubpages for almost 4 years and I found it to be the best of all the other writing-platform sites. You may have noticed a number of Bubblers are also from Hubpages, notably Southernwriter who earns $500+ a month in Bubblews and is responsible for reminding me about Bubblews.

  3. Just stopped by to say hi and hello and, to let you know I was here.

  4. Yes I did the same. Used to love Squidoo. I didn't get all my lenses locked but the way they went about it was wrong. Like you a giant Squid and a Squid angel and now I don't really do it any more.

  5. Hey there 😊 I was on FanBox before Bubblews. Then on PostAnyArticle, and PersonaPaper after Bubblews. I republished my old bubbles here on Blogger and Wordpress. 😊

    Now I am on myLot too but not very active. 🙂